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IN4200PE Airflex Ionizing Nozzle with Photo Electric Eye, Mountable
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Ionizing Nozzle

The IN4200PE flexible nozzle neck frees the operator’s hands during assembly and manufacturing processes. A photoelectric eye controls both ionization and airflow, which reduces compressed air costs and extends the life of the ionizer. Transforming Technologies’ AirFLEX IN4200PE Ionizer with a proximity sensor that controls the power and air flow for easy hands-free precision ionization. The flexible neck allows you to target the air flow directly at the intended surface for optimal static eliminating performance. Airflow is triggered when the sensor detects a nearby object so you can have hands-free ionization only when you need it. The AirFLEX ionizers are valuable because they can be mounted in hard to reach areas that larger ionizers just can not handle. The IN4200PE features the inherently stable output of all Ptec™ Ionizers and high-frequency AC (68KHz) ion emission. The flexible metal neck, with multiple nozzle options allows for easy operation and service of emitters. A foot switch and .01 micron filter combine to deliver clean air at the correct pressure when needed.