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Electronic Manufacturing Distribution Since 1989
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Electronic Assembly Products - Distributor Lines

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3M Electrical logo3M Electrical
Cold shrink, heat shrink, terminations, joints/splices, smart grid, separables, ACCR, wire connectors and tools, portable labelers, insulating and conductive tapes, flexible insulation, resins, mastics, cleaners
ACL Staticide logoACL Staticide
Anti-Static/ESD coatings and topicals, static dissipative coatings for floors (polish and paint), ESD workstation products, Dualmat, static detection meters, aerosols for PCB production, rework, and repair
AIM Solder logoAIM Solder
Solder wire, solder bar, solder paste, solder preforms, fluxes, thinners, chemicals
American Hakko logoAmerican Hakko
Soldering, desoldering, rework, hot air, and BGA stations, fume extraction, Wire and cable stripping, hand tools, solder tips, desoldering and hot air nozzles
Arlink/Lista International logoArlink/Lista International
Cabinets and storage, customizable workstations and work benches, toolboxes
Armand Manufacturing logoArmand Manufacturing
Vinyl envelopes, bags, covers, tank liners, fabric covers, poly bags and pouches
ASG-Jergens logoASG-Jergens
Electric and manual screwdrivers, torque testers, screw presenters and feeders, tape & label dispensers, balancers & positioners, torque arms & tool stands, screwdriver bits & sockets
Aven Tools logoAven Tools
Digital Microscopes, Video Inspection, Precision hand tools including: pliers, tweezers, knives, screwdrivers, hemostats, probes, and crimping tools
Botron logoBotron
Anti-Static/ESD personal grounding, test equipment, table & floor matting, grounding hardware, chairs, ionization equipment, monitors, floor care, signs & labels, clean room smocks & products
Cari-All/Technibilt logoCari-All/Technibilt
Shelving, carts, baskets, accessories
Conductive Container logoConductive Container
ESD shipping and handling solutions PCB Board handlers, PCB shippers
Dazor logoDazor
Halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, LED, & green lamps, lights magnifiers, tubes & bulbs
Stencils, stencil wipes, swabs, nitrile and latex gloves, squeegees, stencil cleaning and cleaners, pre-saturated wipes, Nano-ProTek
Easy Braid logoEasy Braid
Desoldering braid, solder soakers and sponges, stencil rolls and wipes, swabs, cleaning systems, fume extraction, optical and x-ray inspection
Excelta logoExcelta
Tweezers, forceps, cutting & stripping tweezers, assembly aids, cutters, pliers, specialty tools, spatulas, oilers, picks, optics, test equipment, vacuum tools, scissors, brushes
 Indium Solder logo Indium Solder
Solder wire, solder bar, solder paste, solder preforms, fluxes, thinners, brazes, thermal interface materials, sputtering targets, and NanoFoil
Kester Solder logoKester Solder
Solder wire, solder bar, solder paste, solder preforms, solder mask, fluxes, thinners, chemicals
Kolver USA logoKolver USA
Electric screw drivers, torque control products, ergonomic assembly tools, controllers, screw presenters, smart arms, line production, and assembly products
R & R Lotion logoR & R Lotion
ESD flux bottles, dispensers, spray bottles, sports bottles, mister bottles, storage bottles, hand, antistatic, cleanroom & antibacterial lotions and cleaners, sunscreens
Scienscope logoScienscope
Binocular/Trinocular/Video Microscopes & accessories, coordinate measuring machines, x-ray inspection systems, counterfeit chip x-ray detection
Shercon/Caplugs logoShercon/Caplugs
Masking caps, plugs, tapes, die cuts
Static Control logoStatic Control
Anti-Static/ESD bags, instruments, wrist straps & heel grounders, vacuums, packaging, monitors, mats, laminates, cords, ionization, containers, flooring, tapes
Swanstrom logoSwanstrom
Chromium-Carbon alloy steel cutters, pliers, tweezers, plizers
Techwear logoTechwear
ESD coats, jackets, aprons, covers
Transforming Technologies logoTransforming Technologies
ESD coil cords, wrist bands, heel grounders, field service kits, monitors, pens, sheet protectors, trash cans, tool carriers, chairs, hot gloves, jackets, taps, labels, table and floor matting, grounding hardware, ionizing blowers, overhead ionizers, ionizing guns and nozzles, clean room equipment and clothing
Tronex logoTronex
Precision cutting tools and pliers