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FM66036BK ComfortGEL Washable ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat, 60" x 36", Black
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Anti-Fatigue Gel Mat

Transforming Technologies ComfortGEL ESD Anti-Fatigue mat prevents worker fatigue in controlled environments. This non-slip, water resistant mat is constructed from a close cell rubberized gel foam which provides an exceptionally high level of performance and comfort. The ComfortGEL anti-fatigue mats can be cleaned to clean room level100 by request. Made from specially formulated antimicrobial and antibacterial material to promote cleanliness.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ESD STM7.1.

ComfortGEL is a blend of durable rubberized gel foam designed especially for extreme ergonomic comfort. The 5/8″ thick matting compresses and expands easily to create an energizing surface to stand on. These foam anti-fatigue mats are ideal in environments where traditionally much heavier and bulkier mats are used for durable anti-fatigue such as: assembly lines, workstations, manufacturing, laboratories, and even home workshops.

Perfect for "Clean" Applications

ComfortGEL matting is made with antibacterial technology which helps minimize the growth of bacteria.This non-slip, water resistant mat is constructed from a close cell rubberized gel foam which allows the mat to be washable (to a cleanroom class). Open cell foam contains bubbles that are interconnected to each other in a wide web. A kitchen sponge is an example of open cell foam. Open cell foam can be soft but it will absorb any liquid it comes in contact with. ComfortGEL molded closed cell foam is not connected, one cell to another.Each cell is discrete which prevents absorption. This includes liquids, bacteria or blood-borne pathogens making it a great choice for “clean” applications.

MaterialRubberized Gel Foam